On May 21, 2024, the Glendale City Council voted to have the Charter Review Committee continue further discussion on district formation. The initial process conducted from May 2023 to May 2024 is considered complete and the Committee will report back to the City Council prior to the 2026 election.

This site remains live to serve as an archive of the process, including the schedule, draft maps, and resources.

A summary of the outreach and community engagement efforts throughout this process is available here.

District Elections

On May 2, 2023, the Glendale City Council initiated a process to undertake a transition in the makeup of its governing body. The City is proposing to transition from citywide (at large) elections to district elections to elect its City Councilmembers.

The City is considering a plan for six (6) separate council districts and a directly elected mayor. From May to October, the Council held multiple hearings and meetings to seek community input on this topic.

On October 24, 2023, the Glendale City Council conducted a study session on districts and alternative voting methods. The City Council chose to postpone the proposed shift to City Council districts and a district map, initially planned for the March 2024 election to the November 2024 election. At the study session, the City Council also identified seven maps for additional consideration.

At a public hearing held on November 7, 2023, Glendale City Council reviewed the seven previously identified maps and identified three focus maps to drive further discussion and feedback from residents. These focus maps, along with input about the overall process, will be discussed with stakeholder groups (in January and February) and during public forums in April 2024.

In January and February 2024, the City held 12 stakeholder meetings with interested community-based organizations to discuss the district formation process and gather feedback on the focus maps and other draft maps they were interested in. A final stakeholder meeting was held on April 8. Summaries of each meeting are available here. In addition to the stakeholder meetings, the City hosted two public forums in April.

Glendale City Council continued discussing focus maps at a public hearing held on May 7.

If this plan were put before Glendale voters and approved in November 2024, it would take effect beginning with Council elections starting in 2026. The City would be divided into six (6) districts of approximately equal population. Only voters who live within a district would vote for council candidates who are also residents and voters of the same district.


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Districting Pros and Cons
How to Participate?

We need your help to draw the proposed City Council districts!

One of our primary goals when drawing City Council districts is to draw lines that respect neighborhoods and communities of interest. So we want to know: What do you consider the boundaries of your neighborhood? Which areas should be in just one district for fair representation?

Share your specific thoughts, draw a map, or attend an upcoming workshop to get involved!

At the hearings and workshops, we encourage members of the public to share one or more of the following items:

  • Define your neighborhood or community of interest
  • Explain why you believe districting is relevant to your community
  • Get the tools you need to draw a map of one district or of all 6 districts
  • Share your opinions of the draft maps
  • Talk to your neighbors and local organizations
  • Ask questions or provide general comments about the districting process